ABP Alumni Reunion

ABP Alumni Reunion

Publication Date:
23/04/15 7:48 AM

Former ABP students gather to share successes & achievements.

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Doha, April 22, 2015 –Qatar Foundation’s Academic Bridge Program (ABP) recently hosted a reunion for all its alumni. The ‘ABP Alumni Reunion’ was held outside the ABP’s iconic Liberal Arts & Sciences Building in Education City. The ABP – the premier English language university foundation program in Qatar - has served over 2500 young men and women since its foundation in 2001. Over 80% of those attending have been Qataris, and nearly 90% of the ABP graduates have later attended English language universities in Qatar or abroad.

ABP Alumni Gathering was a celebration of the former ABP students’ successes & achievements over the past 14 years. The ABP alumni were reunited with their former ABP classmates. They also met with ABP faculty and staff members and enjoyed traditional Qatari hospitality. The celebrations ran from 5:00 – 8:00pm as large numbers of alumni from around the world were welcomed back to the ABP and caught up with each other over karak tea and Arabic coffee which was served under a traditional Qatari tent. Some of the guests were alumni who have completed their university studies and joined the work force to pursue their professional careers, while others were students who are currently studying in universities such as the HBKU partner universities, British universities, and universities in Qatar such as Qatar University.

I was very happy to see my colleagues from the Class of 2014,” said former ABP student and current freshman at Texas A&M University in Qatar, Lulwa Al-Majid. “Our group at the ABP was very special, and visiting here again is like coming home.”

The event was organized by the ABP’s Special Assistant to the Director, Ms. Asmaa Al-Qaysi in collaboration with the ABP Student Services team.

“It is great to have these reunions. It's remarkable how even though the ABP is a one year program, our graduates always come back to visit and never forget their days here,” Ms. Al-Qaysi said. “It makes us very proud to hear about their achievements at university and in the work place.”

“The ABP really gave me the skills and confidence to be successful in the UK,” said Fatma Al-Marri, on break from her first year at Cardiff University in England. “I really enjoyed the alumni event. It’s just like the good old days at the ABP. I hope to attend every year.”

“The ABP Alumni Night was a great success,” stated Ms. Moza Al Boainain, ABP Assistant Director for Student Services. “During the reception, alumni shared their stories at the ABP and how it helped them to be good university students. Alumni found it fun and exciting to be reconnected to their friends and teachers.”

Alumni Night has become an annual ABP event, and is just another example of the commitment of Qatar Foundation (QF) to nurture a knowledge-based economy in Qatar and to realize the goal of “unlocking human potential.”

QF works to achieve this result by offering educational opportunities throughout the cycle of education. In line with this mission, the ABP delivers an important link in the complete educational progression provided by facilitating the transition from high school to university. While students coming up through the many Qatar Foundation high schools have a strong academic base that allows them to successfully enroll in one of the high-quality HBKU partner institutions, some students benefit from an additional year of development. Those candidates, and others from independent and private high schools in Qatar, find the setting at the ABP to augment their abilities and increase their success at the next level.

For the past 14 years, the ABP has not only developed the academic curriculum, but has also built on its student activities through the promotion of leadership, social, recreational and sporting events. In that time, ABP developed a Learning Resource Center (LRC) for tutoring students in math, science, computers and English language skills. The ABP also organizes several training courses in IELTS, SAT and ACT, and created “The English Room” to help students enhance their English language skills. 

Students who perform well at the ABP and meet basic university admission requirements have the opportunity to enter directly into the first year of undergraduate programs at a number of universities in the UK, North America, and throughout Europe.  In addition, students interested in joining certain universities in Qatar may be given credit for courses they completed at the ABP.

The ABP is now accepting applications for admission for the 2015-16 academic year.  Information about admission to the ABP may be found at www.abp.edu.qa or by e-mailing ABPAdmission@qf.org.qa.