Marci Brown (USA) - Supervisor (Academic English)

Marci-Website.jpgBA—Sacramento State University (Journalism)

MFA—Antioch University (Creative Writing)

Joined ABP—2008. After working as a consultant in the United States, Marci taught English in Greece for many years.

Email: mbrown@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2150

Bob Campbell (USA) - Supervisor (EFL)

Bob Campbell.jpgBA—University of South Florida (Foreign Language Ed)

MA—University of South Florida (Applied Linguistics)

Joined ABP—2002. Bob has been an administrator and language instructor in the United States, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Email: bcampbell@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2146

Agnezijà Ellam (USA)

Aggie.jpgBA—Southern Connecticut State University (Spanish & French)

MA—University of Oklahoma (International Relations)

MEd—University of Oklahoma (Adult & Higher Education)

Joined ABP—2010. Aggie has lived and taught in Croatia, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

Email: aellam@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2145

Alison Jaffar-Davies (UK/Wales)

Alison Davies.jpgBA—Cardiff University (English)

MA—Canterbury Christ Church University (TESOL)

MBA—Newcastle University (Business Administration)

Joined ABP—2011. Alison has taught in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and local Qatari schools.

Email: adavies@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2143

Carmen Moldovan (Romania)

Carmen Moldova.jpgBA—Lucian Blaga University (Modern Languages)

MA—Greensboro College (TESOL)

Joined ABP—2011. Prior to her arrival in Qatar, Carmen taught English at Avram National College in Romania. She has also lived and worked in the United States.

Email: cmoldovan@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2148

Magdalena Rostron (Poland)

Magda .jpgBA—Warsaw University (English Literature)

MA—Warsaw University (English Literature)

**PhD—University of Manchester (**in progress)

Joined ABP—2006. Magda previously worked at Georgetown University and Qatar University.

Email: mrostron@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2159

Mary Ann Manatlao (Philippines)

mary ann.jpgBA—University of the Philippines, Dillman (English)

MA—Michigan State University (Curriculum & Teaching)

MEd—University of Exeter (Educational Research)

Joined ABP—2008. Previously, Mary Ann taught in the United States, Japan, the Philippines, and Bahrain.

Email: mmanatlao@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2154

Natalia Gatti (Uruguay/Italy)

Natalia Gatti.jpgBA—Instituto de Profesores Artigas (EFL)

MA—University of Warwick (English Language Teaching)

Joined ABP—2015. Previously, Natalia taught in Uruguay, and also worked as a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

Email: ngatti@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2141

Robert Marcacci (USA)

Bob Marcacci.jpgBA & MA—San Francisco State University (English)

MFA—San Francisco State University (Creative Writing)

MA—National University (Cross Cultural Teaching)

Joined ABP—2011. Previously, Bob taught in the
United States, Japan, Italy, and China.

Email: rmarcacci@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2144

Shanta Edwards (USA)

silhouette .jpgBA—Villanova University (Classical Studies/Sociology)

MA—New York University (Teaching & Learning)

Joined ABP—2004. Shanta is a member of the EFL faculty. Before coming to the ABP, she lived and worked in the United States, Oman, and Japan.

Email: sedwards@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2147