Dr. Avril O’Donoghue (Ireland) - Supervisor

Avril.jpgBSc—University College of Dublin (Science)

**MS—University of London (Completed in 2017)

PhD—University College of Dublin (Biology)

Joined ABP—2006. Dr. Avril has taught in Ireland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Office: 4454 2182

Elaine Austin (Scotland)

Elaine .jpgMrSc—Hertfordshire University (Chemistry)

PGCE—Homerton College (Chemistry)

MBA—Leicester University (Educational Management)

Joined ABP—2013. Elaine has worked in the chemical industry and taught in the United Kingdom and Kuwait.

Office: 4454 2183

Dr. Jennifer MacPherson (USA/UK)

Dr. Jennifer MacPhersonBSc—Humboldt State University (Oceanography)

BA – Humboldt State University (Chemistry)

PhD— University of California, Santa Barbara (Biology)
Postdoc – Cleveland Clinic (Biology)

Joined ABP initially —2012 – 2015; returned again 2019. Jennifer has a background in analytical chemistry and research into the inflammatory processes. Her previous teaching experience includes Egypt, Zambia and the United States

Office: 4454 2944

Mohammed Ilias (England)

M Ilias.jpgBSc—University of Manchester (Chemistry)

PGCE—University of Wales (Chemistry)

Currently doing my Masters in Education with the University of Bath, UK
Joined ABP—2010. Mohammed has assisted with the ABP Moviemaking, Badminton, and Debate Clubs. He has previously taught in Jordan and the United Kingdom.

Office: 4454 2185

Ahmad Najjar (UK)

Ahmad NajjarBSc—University College London (Biology)

MSc—University College London (Freshwater and Coastal Sciences)

PGCE — Kings College London ( Science education)

PhD — Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Biological and Biomedical Sciences)

Joined ABP—2019.
Ahmad has a background in aquatic biology membrane technology. His previous teaching experience includes working in inner London city schools in the UK seven years at one of the Qatar Petroleum schools (Mesaieed International School).

Office: 4454 2583

Fousiya Mariya (India)

silhouetteBSc—University of Calicut (Chemistry)

Joined ABP-2006.
Fousiya is a member of the Science Department. As the Laboratory Technician, she is responsible for the biology, chemistry, and physics labs that the students use.

Office: 4454 2184

Harish K. Sharma (India)

Harish-SharmaMA (English Literature) – Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

B.Ed. (Science) – M D University, India
BSc (Physics) – M D University, India

Joined ABP - 2018.He has previously taught in Kuwait and India.

Office: 445430889