Dr. Bryan K. Lewallen

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Dr. Bryan K. Lewallen (USA) has been the Director of the ABP since 2014.  He has 31 years of experience in education and has worked as a school administrator for 26 of those years. During his career, he has served as a superintendent, ,school director, principal,teacher,and university instructor.

Before coming to Qatar, Dr. Bryan worked in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Morocco, and the United States.  
Dr. Bryan holds a bachelor's degree in education from The University of Texas at Austin, an M.Ed. in education administration from Texas State University, and an Ed.D in education administration, training, and policy studies, with a specialization in international school leadership from Boston University. 

Dr. Bryan is married to Aura Meija (Chacha) who is from Colombia and they have two sons.

Email: blewallen@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2168

Dr. Mark Newmark

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Dr. Mark Newmark (USA) has been the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs since 2011.  He has 20 years of experience as an educator and has worked in administration for 8 of those years.   Over his career, he has served as a secondary school head, department chair, teacher, and university instructor.
Prior to Qatar, Dr. Mark worked in India, the Caribbean, Russia, and the United States and had Fulbrights that took him to Poland, Hungary, and Japan.
Dr. Mark did his undergraduate work in history at the University of California at Berkeley, earned a graduate degree in law from the University of San Diego, and a graduate degree in history from Oxford University. 

Email: mnewmark@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2124

Asmaa Al Qaysi

Asmaa.jpgMs. Asmaa Al Qaysi (Qatar) currently the Assistant Director for Student Services, joined the ABP as Special Assistant to the Director in 2010.  She has had a long career

Before joining the ABP, Ms. Asmaa worked as an English teacher in Qatari schools and as a university lecturer in English in Iraq.  Ms. Asmaa has lived in Iraq, the United States amd Qatar.

Ms. Asmaa has a bachelor's degree and an M.A. in English Literature from Baghdad University.  

Email: asqaysi@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2133

Hassan Zeidan (Canada)

Hassan.jpgBach—Carleton University (Mathematics)

**Masters—Memorial University (**in progress)

Mr. Hassan Zeidan (Canada) has been the Admissions and Records Coordinator since 2013.  He served as the Coordinator of the Learning Resource Center before becoming Admissions and Records Coordinator.
Prior to coming to Qatar, Mr. Hassan worked in Saudi Arabia and Canada teaching Mathematics.

Mr. Hassan did his undergraduate studies in Mathematics at Carleton University. 

Email: hzeidan@qf.org.qa
Office: 4454 2166