Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education Hosts 2017 Forum

Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education Hosts 2017 Forum

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18/09/17 10:57 AM

PUE Kicks off Academic Year with Awards Ceremony to Celebrate Educational Achievements

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Doha, Qatar, August 19, 2017—Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Pre-University Education (PUE) has kicked off the 2017-2018 academic year with its second annual forum.

The PUE Forum 2017, held at the Qatar National Convention Centre on Thursday, August 17, was attended by more than 1,000 people. The event gave employees the opportunity to network, celebrate achievements, share ideas, and build long-lasting relationships between teachers and staff members across all of QF’s PUE schools and centers.

Mrs. Buthaina A. Al Nuaimi, President of PUE, QF, gave an inspiring speech highlighting recent success stories and welcoming the new academic year.

“The success of Pre-University Education doesn’t depend on one person only, everyone who works for PUE is important to us. It is our impressive and highly professional faculty supported by a strong and competent administrative team that allows us to fulfil our vision of leading learning,” said Mrs. Al Nuaimi.

The forum featured an awards ceremony – a result of last year’s initiative – which was designed to recognize exceptional efforts, as well as build morale, motivation and mutual respect for all PUE employees.

Mrs. Buthaina A. Al Nuaimi, President of PUE, QF, alongside the recipients of the year’s annual forum awards.

Award categories included: ‘Exceptional Contribution to Collaboration across Schools’, ‘Exceptional Contribution to Student Welfare’, ‘Best Education Initiative’, ‘Outstanding Teacher’, ‘Outstanding Practitioner – Academic’, and ‘Outstanding Practitioner – Non Academic’.

Mr. Samuel Abrams, along with Mr. Essam Quassed, won ‘Best Education Initiative’ from Awsaj Academy. “Schools should change by being learner focused, learner led, and learner paced,” said Mr. Abrams.

PUE Forum

Attendees of the PUE Forum 2017, held at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Commenting on the awards ceremony Mrs. Jamila Al Shemmari, Arabic teacher at Qatar Academy Doha, said: “I am excited about working towards my own professional goals over the next 12 months. I have a lot of ideas worth sharing in the field of education and would be incredibly honored to be recognized at the PUE Forum 2018.”

Mr. Essam Quassed, Awsaj Academy, wins ‘Best Education Initiative’.

PUE, part of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), houses nine schools and academic institutions in Qatar, and continually strives to nurture academic excellence and innovation.