Why ABP?

Why ABP?

Since its launch in 2001, the Academic Bridge Program (ABP) has graduated more than 2,500 students, 90% of whom have gone on to study at universities here in Qatar or abroad. You can find ABP graduates studying in the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. A large number of our students are studying in – or have graduated from – Qatar Foundation’s partner universities. To find out more about where our students have been admitted, follow this link.

Who better to ask about the ABP than ABP students and alumni?

Below are what alumni say about the ABP:

I made more friends. I learned how to write an essay. Hassan Al Malki
I get to read a lot of great stories and articles and my teachers are amazing. Latifa Fahad
I learned more about myself. I challenged myself. Hind Al Khalifa
I could never get a simulation of university life like the one at ABP. Maryam Al Nesf
We get to know new friends and prepare for college. We learn to act responsibly and to think twice. Al-Maha Al Mansouri
It taught me how to manage my time and maintain good grades. It taught me to be on time Mashael Al Dosari
The students and faculty are diverse. I met people I wouldn’t have met anywhere else and it’s close to Qatar Foundation’s universities. Ali Al Ansari

The ABP has helped thousands of students to study in top English speaking universities by giving them important academic and personal skills. These skills helped them to be stronger university applicants and more successful students in university.