One of the unique elements of the ABP is that while a student at the ABP, some of our most able students are able to take a class at one of Qatar Foundation’s partner universities. Students take these classes through a process called cross-registration.

There is no extra fee for these cross-registration classes.

ABP students who take these classes usually do well in these classes and earn university credits. If a student takes a cross-registration class, it is usually possible to allow a student not to take the equivalent course at the ABP. Thus, if a student takes a math class at Texas A&M University at Qatar, he/she usually does not have to take a math class at the ABP that semester.

These cross-registration classes are great opportunities to experience university life first hand and to see if the subject is one that really appeals to the student.

Cross-registration classes provide universities a chance to see if students are capable of doing university level work. Generally, cross-registration is of some advantage in college admissions.