Library Policies

Loan and loan categories

  • Service is on a first come first serve basis but ABP faculty has priority of service.

  • Books may be borrowed for two weeks.

  • Loans can be renewed for any item if no one else has requested it.

  • Items requested during a renewed loan period can be recalled by the library.

  • Students may borrow as many as ten items or ten item sets simultaneously (An item set is defined as related items listed under a single bibliographic record, for example: A book and accompanying CD computer file which have two different barcodes).

  • Reserves: Circulation will depend on current need (to vary and be decided on a case by case basis).

Returns and fines

  • There are no fines for overdue materials.

  • When an item is overdue, the student may be sent as many as three notices via email.

  • All borrowing privileges will be suspended immediately after the first notice has been sent and will not be renewed until the matter is resolved.

  • If an item is returned damaged it is subject to a standard replacement fee.

  • If an item is not returned it is subject to a standard replacement fee.

  • The matter can be resolved by A) Returning the overdue item or B) Paying the current cost of replacing the item plus 100 Qatari Riyals.

Anyone with library over dues will receive an e-mail reminding you to return or renew the material.

Consumption of food and drink                      

Consumption of food or drink, other than water, is not permitted in the library.

Policy on the use of personal communications devices

To minimize disruptions to individuals who are seeking quiet study space, use of electronic equipment and personal communication devices such as mobile phones, audio & video devices etc., are to be limited inside the Library.

Use of computers

The computes in the library should be used only for accessing the Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), Electronic databases subscribed in the library and any other searches pertinent to academic activity.  The computers may not be used to participate in games, chat sessions, newsgroups or any other activity not directly related to the academic activity of the Institution.

Use of Electronic Resources

Electronic resources available in library are licensed for noncommercial use by ABP faculty, staff, students and on-site users, for educational or research purposes only. Additional restrictions may apply to on-site users of certain databases. The terms and conditions of the ABP agreements with the vendors and publishers of these electronic resources regulate the use of these resources. These conditions include, but are not limited to, restrictions on copying, republishing, altering, redistributing and reselling the information contained therein. Users may not copy and resell texts from licensed sources to non-subscribing individuals, institutions or organizations.

Prohibited actions generally include

  • Sharing of passwords or authorized access codes.

  • Large-scale systematic downloading of articles or other information.

  • Posting copyrighted materials on a publicly accessible website.

  • Resale or commercial exploitation of licensed information.

  • Engaging in actions intended to circumvent or defeat access control mechanisms of the Library or information provider.

ABP Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty and ABP Administration members have priority of service.

  • Faculty and ABP Administration members must check out items on their own: The library will not lend out items to a third party.

  • Faculty and ABP Administration members may borrow up to 10 books (stack books) for the entire duration of the academic year.

  • Such items are subject to requested recall if requested for by another patron (Faculty may deny the request if the item is currently needed).

  • Reference books and current issues of periodicals may be borrowed for 24 hours or over the weekend.

  • Faculty and ABP Administration members wishing to borrow A.V. materials to be shown in class should reserve the items in question at least 5 working days in advance.

  • By showing A.V. materials in class (or otherwise) to students, faculty members acknowledge having previewed the material and considered it suitable viewing for the intended audience.

  • ABP support staff members may borrow up to five books for a period of 10 working days.​

Returns and fines

  • Faculty will be advised if any loans are outstanding before leaving ABP for leave or permanently.

  • Overdue damaged items will be charged at cost of replacing the item plus 100 Qatari Riyals for re-ordering and technical services.   This is applicable to anyone borrowing ABP library items.

  • Faculty end of year checkout is not considered complete unless library clearance has been signed by the ABP Librarian (or by the Asst. Librarian in his/her absence).

  • Non-Faculty members who are delinquent with their returns will receive emails asking for items to be returned.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended after the first email has been sent and remain in effect until the issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the library.

Circulation Policy for Inter Library Loans

  • Academic Bridge Program Library does not have a public patron policy.

  • All loans to faculty, staff and students from other institutions in the Education City is only through inter-library loans (ILL).

  • The borrowing library is responsible for the items borrowed under its name.  Any overdue or damaged items will be charged to the borrowing library which requested the item.

  • The ILL agreement is based on reciprocity and equality of service.

  • ABP Library limits ILL loans to a maximum five book (set) items for a period of 10 working days.

  • Set items are defined as items listed in a single bibliographic record (e.g. A book and accompanying computer file CD are considered one item).

  • Reference books, current issues of periodicals may not be circulated via ILL.

  • Audio Visual materials are not circulated via ILL unless approved by the ABP Librarian.

  • Any circulated Audio Visual materials must be returned within three working days.

  • The Education City Libraries ILL agreement allows any Education City library to refuse any given ILL request for reasons of its own.

Returns and fines

  • The borrowing library will be notified as soon as possible if any loans are outstanding.

  • Overdue or damaged items will be charged to the participating library.

  • An item will be considered lost if overdue after a period of fifteen working days.

  • Replacement fees are: The current cost of replacing the item plus 100 Qatari Riyals.