ABP Library

Faculty, staff, and students of the Academic Bridge Program (ABP) have access to a well-stocked and equipped library and Learning Resource Center (LRC). The library has over 12,000 resources to support the classroom teaching and learning process. These resources include:

  • Scholarly books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, almanacs, reference materials
  • Periodicals, audio and video materials
  • Subscription to electronic books and databases

In addition to the ABP Library, students, faculty and staff have unlimited access to all the libraries in Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) partner universities with the privilege of borrowing resources through Inter Library Loan (ILL). Inter Library Loan gives access to a wide variety of resources at different levels of language/intellectual sophistication. The ABP Library has extended hours in the evening to facilitate student learning.

Click here to access ABP Library.

Click here to access the library catalogue “Destiny” and then click “Academic Bridge Program”.

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the ABP Library is to provide the best possible information services and resources to the Academic Bridge Program community (ABP students, faculty and staff) in order to advance the Mission of ABP.

Objectives & Goals of the ABP Library

The ABP Library’s objectives are directed towards providing all the required educational support to the ongoing programs and activities of the ABP. The ABP Library endeavors to build an outstanding collection of both print and electronic information resources to meet the current & future needs of the ABP. It seeks to promote the use of information and communication technologies to be in full harmony with the electronic environment of the ABP and that of Qatar Foundation.

The Library’s mission is accomplished through the following goals:

  1. To provide necessary knowledge and skills to the students to meet the acceptance criteria of prestigious universities.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to develop and practice the necessary skills and be successful in their university studies.
  3. To provide quality and relevant information resources and services to the patrons that is easily accessible.
  4. To ensure through appraisal and training, that all Library staff reach a high professional standards of performance.
  5. To maintain a current and well-balanced collection of information and knowledge resources.
  6. To provide appropriate ‘information literacy and lifelong learning skills’ to all patrons, on information seeking and retrieval process.
  7. To continuously improve the quality and the efficiency of the Library by maintaining a feedback monitoring system.
  8. To work with other libraries in HBKU partner universities in particular and Qatar at large to achieve a positive cooperation.
  9. To create an ambience that is conducive to study at all levels.

The ABP Library collects materials and other informational resources in a wide variety of formats and in multiple subject areas in order to ensure that these goals are met. Library staff members are committed to maintaining a quality study and research environment by protecting the rights of users to a quiet and convenient ambience to study, do their research and access all the materials while sustaining and safeguarding the integrity of the collections.