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The ABP is fortunate to be a part of Qatar Foundation (QF).  As such, it benefits in many ways including the unique QF ecosystem, the architecturally stunning Penrose Building and its cascades of natural light, and the superb support services provided by QF in a range of areas including Information Technology, Housing, Risk Management, Professional Development, and Health, Safety, and Security.

Colleagues from other institutions and students often remark about the positive vibe at the ABP.  The value of a positive culture is immeasurable.  It makes working at the ABP and studying at the ABP a pleasure.  The positive culture explains why employee retention at the ABP is so high, why students feel so welcomed and supported, and why alumni speak so affectionately of the ABP.

A positive culture does not emerge by accident.  It is cultivated by the faculty, staff and students.  Respect induces mutual respect.  Kindness begets kindness.  Recently, the ABP launched a voluntary acts of kindness campaign whereby employees could sign up to do something  for a fellow employee.  While the campaign has value and will bring with it some smiles, it is the everyday acts of kindness that make the ABP so special.  It is the college counselor saying thank you to students who actively participated in the college application preparation day, the treats shared at the start of a meeting, the instructor advocating for one of her students, a member of the Student Support Team counseling a student about how to deal with a setback, and an instructor providing extra help outside of class.  Similarly, it is the kindness of a student inviting a faculty member to play ping pong, a student thanking an assistant for making an appointment, and the frequent visits of alumni to the ABP to check in with their former instructors.

A few weeks ago, 2 of the ABP support staff carried out an initiative in which the doors of all employees were decorated with a merry array of animals, flowers, and plants.  The decorations capture the warmth and vibrancy of the ABP.

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