Professional Development Workshop for ABP Faculty on How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence

As the Chair of the ABP’s Academic English Department, Suzzi Pautler, noted, while “AI doesn’t have all the solutions, it is a valuable tool for educators.”

To help the ABP faculty members learn to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance learning  Qatar Foundation’s Education Development Institute (EDI) delivered an interactive professional development workshop for the faculty of Qatar Foundation’s Academic Bridge Program.  24 of the ABP’s faculty participated in the workshop – Learning Reimagined: AI’s Role in the Classroom Workshop.  The workshop was held on February 11th and was expertly led by EDI’s Margo Tripsa and Sama Androon.

Among the topics explored were prompt engineering, AI’s role in supporting learning and learners, selecting AI tools, using AI tools, and ethical dimensions of AI use.

The workshop provided “great exposure and time to practice using new websites” according to ABP English faculty member Beth Nixon.  Science instructor Dr. Ahmad Najjar similarly emphasized the value of the “informative hands on session.”  ABP instructors Carmen Moldovan and Aggie Ellam praised how the workshop “did not focus only on the theoretical concept of artificial intelligence, but it also gave us, educators, an opportunity to learn and explore various possibilities of AI tools that we can use in the classroom to enhance our students’ learning and critical thinking skills. It was a truly remarkable presentation with loads of hands-on activities that can be implemented immediately in our teaching.”

In the workshop, faculty explored a number of tools including ChatGPT, EduAide, Gamma, Curipod, and Diffit.  The feedback from the faculty was positive.  ABP faculty member Codou Diouf described the workshop as “rich with new knowledge” with “insightful and meaningful information.”

The workshop will help the ABP provide disruptive education that harnesses technology and unlocks human potential.


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