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Passion for Coffee - Abdulrahman Al Malki

Abdulrahman Al Malki joined the ABP in August 2012. He says he knew then that the Program would help him develop his academic skills, particularly academic writing, to prepare him effectively for university. While at the ABP, he also significantly increased his IELTS score, which broadened his choice of university options. 

He decided to go to the UK where he pursued a degree in media, communication and society at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. He enjoyed his studies immensely and finished them on a high note writing a dissertation about journalism in Qatar. As a recent university graduate, he came back home in June 2017, ready and eager to start his professional life – which he did, in an organization already close to his heart.

Re-visiting his former teachers in the ABP in September 2017, he proudly shows off his brand new QF badge: “I’m now working in Qatar Career Development  Center (QCDC) under Qatar Foundation. The center’s aim is to educate and guide local school students about careers and help them understand the working field”, he says. Abdulrahman is excited about this opportunity and talks about his new responsibilities with contagious enthusiasm. But, inspiring though it is, there is more to him than just work. He reveals an unexpected side to his life, which stems from a great passion and a unique skill.

He tells his story: “Earlier this year, in February, when I was still at university, I was introduced to specialty coffee and was amazed by the preparation process. Coffee and milk never tasted this great: no sugar, no syrup, no fillers. I kept going back for more. Finally, I decided to take a couple of basic courses while I was still in Nottingham. I wanted to learn how to make coffee myself. It was so interesting and not at all easy!” 

Last summer in Qatar, Abdulrahman, a fresh graduate, was offered a chance to train and work as… a barista at Flat White in the Pearl: “The chance came at a perfect time considering that I was mostly free and had nothing to do before starting a full time job at  QF. After a couple of days of being a barista I realized that I absolutely loved it. It is hard and challenging, but I really enjoy it, even though I can only work part-time now, on a voluntary basis, in my spare time during weekends or in the evening, since I have a full-time job. When I am behind the espresso machine, I am happy and I know that it may be a cheesy thing to say, but it is true. Some people may see me making and serving coffee and think, wow he is being an inspiration for others, but I really don’t consider myself being inspirational, I am simply having fun and being happy doing what I love doing. I’m doing it because I enjoy it. So if I were to give advice to young people, it wouldn’t be like ‘go and work a pink collar job’, but rather do what makes you happy and enjoy life.”

His advice – based on his personal experience – will surely resonate with the youngsters he works within  QF. His enthusiasm, modesty, and humble attitude are in fact an inspiration – and not just to young people, but to all who know him. His former ABP teachers are certainly very proud of him and the Flat White is a busy place.

Abdulrahman’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/almalki94

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