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Journalism - Alyaa Al Mazrouei

Alyaa joined the Academic Bridge Program in 2015 as a dual-enrollment student. It meant that she had been accepted at Northwestern University in Qatar on the condition of successfully completing a foundation year at the ABP. She says now that it was a great stepping stone on the way to college.

“I strongly believe that joining the ABP helped in preparing me for the amount and nature of the work that is required from us as university students. Additionally, some of the courses that were offered at ABP—like communication and literature—were hugely helpful in teaching me important skills, such as the ability to properly cite sources, as well as critical thinking skills which every university student should acquire.”

Currently a sophomore at NUQ, Alyaa is studying journalism, but she is passionate about literature and reads avidly. She traces this interest back to the Academic Bridge Program:
“I had an epiphany in my literature class there, when I realized that I truly and sincerely enjoyed literature. Without the ABP, I don’t think I would have ever realized that. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for the chance to study and experience what it is like to be an ABP student.”

Alyaa says she is “fairly adaptable to any kind of subject that I am exposed to. I can easily engage in different materials and activities”. This kind of mental and academic flexibility, first developed in the ABP, has helped Alyaa achieve success at a university level.  

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