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Diverse Interests - Ameena Haroon

“Mutassim made me want to enhance my skills in Excel, and seek more knowledge about programming. Outside of class, I was active in the Debating and Model United Nations clubs because I enjoyed public speaking. I also joined the ABP Newsletter Club to enhance my reporting and writing skills by testing them on a big audience.Therefore, with the ABP, I learned that my academic and applied interests were diverse, shaped by mathematics, technology, as well as writing and delivery.” 

As a result of her ABP studies, Ameena realized that her initial university choice did not fully reflect her true talents and interests. She now wanted to include mathematics in her college education because she discovered she loved it as much as she did social sciences. She applied and was admitted to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to study Business Administration and chose a track in Marketing with a minor in Professional Writing. She found the Business program exciting and enjoyable, especially that “it was almost a requirement to enroll in classes outside of your major”. She used it as an opportunity to join “a politics class at Georgetown, two history classes, a design class, and a chemistry class” – on top of the mandatory business- and economics-related courses. She successfully graduated from CMU in May 2015 and followed that with a Master’s degree) in Audiovisual Translation earned at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). She finished her graduate studies in May 2017.  

All that could not have been achieved without the ABP, Ameena says. It helped her redefine and nurture her interests and abilities in a way that enabled her to choose the right university and experience.

Currently, Ameena is a Governance Officer at QF’s Board Management Office: “My core work is to write minutes of meetings and research briefs. I sometimes take on projects that would facilitate learning and access to various materials produced by our office, such as designing annual reports and enhancing archiving practices”.

Her real passion lies in music: “I sometimes spend my free-time editing audio of existing songs”, she says. Even though she is not a professional, it gives her enormous pleasure and satisfaction.

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